Yes, ladies! You can be seen.

You can be seen. You can receive the credit you have worked so hard for. Yes, you can have the boo and the bank account. It is possible. And best of all, it is totally within your reach- you just don’t know it yet.

Women have bought into everyone else’s definition of success. (That’s so cliche!)

We hear it all the time. Sometimes so subtle that we don’t realize that we are caught up in some else's idea of professional success, relationship success, family success, financial success, personal success - until it’s year later. And at this point we are burnt out, tired, stressed.


We have given everything to everyone else hoping that it would provide some level of significance and success in our own lives only to be left feeling empty inside.


Empty and afraid.

Afraid of actually declaring what it is that we want and going after that.


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Here is the truth.  

You either live that out boldly and make that declaration. Or you sit on the f$%^ing fence getting splinters in your ass bitching about how painful life is.


I’m here to help you stop that bitching, stop the pain, stop getting the splinters and move forward get off the freaking fence and live the life you love.
— Cassandra Shepard